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Image # 4714 - 2016 MVL Suffers Tough one-point loss to St. Clair
Semi-final game of Section 2A basketball playoffs for 2015-16 with Cathedral winning in the third game between he two teams that season

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Pairings announced for Tomahawk playoffs

Pairings and schedules for the first round of Tomahawk League amateur playoff games have been announced by the league as the result of final games Sunday. It includes:

Sports Central adds over 12,000 images in one project

In a major addition, over 12,000 photographic images (negatives) have been added to the files of New Ulm Sports Central from 1989 and 1990. Half of the additions are sports 35mm negatives.

Legion Sub-State Pairings Announced

Sub-state 2 playoff pairings have been announced by Second District baseball director Vern Kitzberger.

John Donaldson HOF Project Video

John Donaldson HOF Project Video

For a quick nuts and bolts view of why black pitcher John Donaldson, who pitched a game against New Ulm in 1914,2016, should be considered for the Baseball Hall of Fame check out this link.

102 Years Ago Donaldson Struck Out 21 New Ulm Batters

102 Years Ago Donaldson Struck Out 21 New Ulm Batters

It was Aug.

Creighton champions 36th Annual UMC Border Battle 2016

Creighton, Nebraska triumphed again in the Upper Midwest Classic, beating out a South Dakota representative Brandon Valley 3-1 in the Sunday afternoon championship game of what turned out to be a "Bor

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