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Image # 2639 - 1943 New Ulm High School Baseball Season Results
Game by game results indicated for season for ear above with scores, etc. Originally organized by Carl Wyczawski from a number of resources. The files may be, at some point and for consistency, also entered as searchable data bases as a future project. Coincides with team and individual batting and pitching stat... (Click on the image for a full description)

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Morgan gets signed piece of the old MVL bleachers

With his 300th win already counted at Springfield Tuesday night, MVL Coach Morgan and his chargers zipped past Nicollet 82-69 for their 15th win in 18 games this season.

MVL takes 2-game lead in Tomahawk with 300th win for coach Morgan

Taking a 75-64 win Tuesday Jan. 19, 2016 at Springfield, Minnesota Valley Lutheran opened up a two-game lead in the long season schedule of the Tomahawk boy's basketball conference.

City's girl's basketball coaching record defined for 300 and 200-game winners

Recent information has added three career totals to the list of coaches who have won 100 or more games for New Ulm girl's basketball teams.

Ralph Zwaschka contribtions to baseball remembered

The Tomahawk Amateur baseball league has reported that Ralph Zwaschka, it's vice president, passed away at his home last week. He was 67.

Updated: MVL Coach Morgan ties city boy's basketball coaching record

When Minnesota Valley Lutheran topped Cedar Mountain/Comfrey Cougars Friday night it earned coach Craig Morgan his 299th coaching victory in New Ulm (all at MVL) and tied a city boy's basketball

Wyczawski due for American Legion Hall of Fame

New Ulm Legion supporter Carl (Red) Wyczawski will be inducted into the Minnesota American Legion baseball Hall of Fame at next year's state tournament.

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