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Image # 4963 - 0000-00 Unidentified Minnesota Valley Lutheran GBB JV or C? picture
Girls' varsity basketball photograph from year indicated as furnished by school. Print is from original school related photograph. Team is either JV or C??????. NUSC has not attempted to include JV or C team pictures but this may be a desire of MVL in developing it's full athletic history? If others are available a... (Click on the image for a full description)

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Wyczawski due for American Legion Hall of Fame

New Ulm Legion supporter Carl (Red) Wyczawski will be inducted into the Minnesota American Legion baseball Hall of Fame at next year's state tournament.

We get lost for a while?

Unfortunately NUSC went "off the 'net" for a few days to start November, but did get back into business shortly.

Ubl's new "Glimpse at New Ulm's Past" available; see cover

New Ulm premier historian ElRoy Ubl this week has released 615 pages of new and updated New Ulm history. An initial book signing was held Nov. 1.

Sports history backed up several ways

Images located on the NUSC history website are backed up in a number of ways in the event of hardware or software failures.

Sports Images Pass 2,000 Mark on NUSC

The count of New Ulm area sports images passed 2,000 at the end of October 2015 for another milestone for the sports website concentrating on the history of team and individual athletics in the area.

State VFW chair salutes New Ulm state tournament

The June-September issue of the Gopher Oversea'r, the state's VFW magazine, included some very complimentary remarks from Rick Bugbee, chairman of the state baseball program for the VFW.

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