Sports history backed up several ways

Images located on the NUSC history website are backed up in a number of ways in the event of hardware or software failures.
1. Hard copy, if available, becomes part of a manila file folder in upright file cabinet drawers.
2. If DVD's were used for work purposes, these are retained in the DVD disk files.
3. The NUSC computer website contains the image which is backed up daily by a commercial firm (Hostmonster) so that everything on the site where work entered within pas 24 hours ago is safe.
4. Periodically the website computer is backed up to an external hard drive system.
5. Images are also specifically saved to a thumb drive which is also used for work processing.
6. In the computer system, the items are stored in object folders which can also be searched.
7. Often they are temporarily archived while work progresses.

Images consist of both photographic still and motion material and documents and such items as copies of material appearing on other media which also might have a back-up.