City's girl's basketball coaching record defined for 300 and 200-game winners

Recent information has added three career totals to the list of coaches who have won 100 or more games for New Ulm girl's basketball teams.

The additions supplied by MVL establish Dave Biedenbender's total at 316 for his 15 years of coaching the girl's teams there. That to-date is the record for coaching wins for New Ulm teams.

Also added were Gayle Bauer's 207 wins for her 1981-93 years. Local W's for Cathedral's Mary Dangerud have been added and material from New Ulm High School is being reviewed.

(Information provided Jan. 19. 2016 establishes Mary's record in New Ulm as 203 wins for her New Ulm coaching from 1994-95 through 2012-2013.) She coached for three different at Cathedral. New Ulm High School records are pending.

As a footnote, records at Kimbal and Totino Grace could move her coaching career total over 300 at three different schools.

Cathedral's information on its athletic website pages show W-L records for boy's coaches but not for girls. New Ulm Sports Central will add those records as these are firmed up with valued assistance of John Vetter and Alan Woitas..

Biedenbender established his record while winning 20 or more games in 10 of his 15 seasons, topped off with season highs of 32 and 28 in consecutive years from 2004-2006. He then followed with wins of 23 and 27 for the next two seasons.