Aufderheide's passing leaves vacancy on NUSC

The recent passing of Jim Aufderheide has created a vacancy on the select group of advisors to this website. Someone interested in serving in the preservation of New Ulm sports history should share the dedication Aufderheide provided to the website.

Those attributes included a dedication to the preservation and sharing of history, his experience in computer hardware and software to provide much needed and timely assistance and the good will which he so willingly always made available.

His passing was recorded this week in the New Ulm Journal. We have honored the family wishes to withhold any announcement but the following public notice may now be shared with all who treasurer the greatness of New Ulm's sports history and the desire to see that it is not only preserved by able to be shared.

The notice in the New Ulm Journal Oct. 2 is reproduced:

"Thank You Sharing Sadness

This year has been filled with medical challenges. In January during a six month check up, Jim Aufderheide's doctor told him he needed to see a cardiologist and phrenologist. The next months were filled with weekly medical appointments and tests in Mankato and Rochester.

Many of you know that Jim was two yrs old when he contacted Type 1 diabetes. In addition to struggling with chronic diabetes for 65 years, he was challenged with pulmonary hypertension and numerous other physical issues these last few years. Jim' Medical battles ended on August 7 at St. Joseph's Hospital, Mankato.

Jim chose to have no memorial service as he wished to go "quietly into the night"

Thank you for your care, concern and prayers. Sylvia Aufderheide."