Girls' basketball was noteworthy back in 1919 at New Ulm

Recently added to the archives of Sports Central has been a two-page copy of pages in the book Daughters of the Game.

These pages highlight basketball for New Ulm High School and Minnesota women's basketball's progress as a recognized basketball from1919 to 1926. It is featured as object number 5028 with additional information. Reproduction from the original publication is desired if it can be provided temporarily to New Ulm Sports Central. The high school newspaper in New Ulm from 1924, 1925 and 1926 may be published there or in the school yearbook.

New Ulm teams in that era may also been known as the Hornets and not the Eagles. When the name was changed to Eagles might be a good answer to a trivia question. So far we haven't found the answer.

However, NUHS' lack of interest in sports preservation doesn't present much hope that any of this could be found through the school system, much as it, even when it cannot document the records of two girls who reportedly scored 1,000 points and who cannot be officially recognized without such information.

There's more information developing on this book and another called "Two Rings: A Legacy of Hope" which is good reading the covers in a fictionally historic way, the girls' basketball and its tribulations during the early 1900's. A number of area schools are also featured in the publication after extensive research which has provided a throve of authenticated documentation.

It's good reading even if reader does not have a personal connection (yet) with girls' basketball. Granddaughter Addison is a year or so away from joining the B team at rural St. John's team at rural Nodine, MN in the apple blossom area near Lacrosse, WI.

Ordering information for the books to be presented shortly.