Lists of Co-operative Team arrangements New Ulm Schools

Cross country (both boys and girls): SESM/SE/NUC
Gymnastics: NU/MVL/NUC
Hockey (both boys and girls): NU/NUC/MVL/SE/SESM
Soccer (both boys and girls): NU/MVL/NUC
Tennis (both boys and girls): NU/MVL/NUC
Track: MVL/NUC (Effective 2013)
Wrestling (boys and girls): NU/MVL/NUC/SE/SESM/S

For consistency, following a prescribed identification system is suggested with the recommended "names" for co-operative teams (as indicated above):

1) The Minnesota State High School League is the immediate resource on how teams are paired. It assumes the MSHSL review the descriptive information at the start of each school year. For colleges, the sports conferences involved designate the correct usuage.

2) A hyphen between towns (i.e. Glencoe-Silver Lake) indicates it is a officially paired school district.

3) Using the slash (Glencoe/Silver Lake) indicates the two teams are cooperating in a specific sport, but do not have any legal ties beyond providing a joint opportunity for members of the two schools for that sport.
4) When a school has a common extended name (example: Glencoe Memorial Charter), the full name is used instead of abbreviations (GMC) for the first time in a news article, Abbreviations may then be used thereafter and may be used in a headline providing that it is spelled out in the article in the first usage. Location of the school should be specified.

5) Use only the town or the extended common name in scoreboard type summaries of athletic events (Glencoe) (Glencoe Memorial Charter) for schools without cooperating members.

6) For parochial and private schools the town name and its extended descriptions are used under an appropriate heading for the sport (in a scoreboard).

7) For the New Ulm area, New Ulm Sports Central applies the following: (as of 2012)

Extended named schools: New Ulm Cathedral, Minnesota Valley Lutheran, Sleepy Eye St. Mary's, Mankato West, etc. New Ulm public is used simply as New Ulm

8) For consistency, schools should be listed alphabetically after the "host" co-operative school.