New Ulm Sports Central has now passed a quarter of a million "hits" or views since the beginning of the website operation. The up-to-the-minute count is located near the end of the column on the left hand side of this page.

Views and hits are automatically counted for the items which have been archived and are available to viewers by using one of two search engines in the column at the left. As of today, there have been 1725 individual historic sports "objects" preserved for sharing with viewers.

Some objects are resources to many individual names and teams in the form of data and information. Many of the 1725 objects include photographs if teams and individuals. In many of the cases, a hard copy of the object has been retained for the objects.

Scanning of data and pictures and loading is a continuing process as is the daily recording of scores of events involving New Ulm teams. The Sports Central current focus is on teams and sports history within the geographic area of the New Ulm public school district.