Baseball, Fair Official Faces 16 Felony Counts

Robert (Bob) Reinhart, long-time member of the New Ulm Baseball Association and Brown County Agricultural Society has been charged with 16 theft felony counts in a financial investigation according to a New Ulm Journal newspaper article published this morning. The entire article is reproduced as an attachment below.

Reinhart is the longest serving member of the board of directors in the association's history. The 16 counts include financial shortages reported by the Brown County Agricultural Society which he has served as treasurer since 1990's.

He has been president and treasurer in his years on the baseball board and was the regular public address announcer for amateur, American Legion and many tournament baseball games as the official scorer. He also served in some regional baseball tournaments for the Minnesota Baseball Association and was treasurer for a number of other sports and public organizations.

Another situation involved another baseball treasurer happened in the 1950's.

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