Computer selects images at random

This is how images appear at random in the area above. Images, whether they are photographic

or document style. are featured above on a random basis and are selected by a computer program from those already scanned into archived memory for historical purposes. Directions in the small type above help viewers find other images. Click the headline above for more information.

Most images are scanned by NUSC in both the TIF and JPG formats. TIF images are of higher quality and durability. JPGs load faster and are only intended to be an illustration and have not been cropped, retouched or excess areas removed. Those should be done on TIF versions and saved as a photo for reprinting purposes. Contact NUSC for additional information about possible copies. The edited TIF is superior to the JPG.

The selection above is determined by the program which randomly selects from the total images available. At the left, top of column, are the exact number of "objects" which have been created (almost 4,500) and also the number of images scanned to-date for viewing. These do not count TIFs or extra images in the total. Scanning is done on a regular basis,

Each archive "object" is recorded with a description that includes up to 13 different criteria for search purposes. These may be found by entering the specific criteria ... such as team name, location, etc. or by simply typing in descriptive text such as the name of the activity, team or person, etc. An additional search (Search News Articles) concentrates solely information added to the website since it's inception in the center "news" column. . Emphasis on this "current news "was greater until 2013.

Additions to the data represented are enthusiastically accepted.

Images are scanned as they are available and usually have more area than generally used in a cropped image. Cropping, however, is a matter of individual taste so it is not done during this process of exhibiting what NUSC has already created for the historic archives. A good quality reproduction of the image should be made from the TIF file which is stored in the NUSC computer.

For additional information, email contact is We may also be reached at 507.276.1774.