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Object ID: 1487 (Click here to view the image in a new window.)
Object Date (YYYYMMDD): 1919
Description: 1919 Herman Schapekahm baseball in Germany during World War I
Org/Loc: New Ulm
Org/Entity: Individuals
Sport: Basketball
Team Nickname: Pioneers
Gender: Male
Conf/League: None or Undetermined
Original Type: Clippings
Group ID: N/A
Other Information: Newspaper clipping write-up of game played by M Company, 3rd Pioneers, 54th Inf. Regiment, in Germany in the Rhine League. League was made up of teams of military forces in the Koblenz area. Co Pioneers, 54th Infantry, included Herman F. "Husky" Schapekahm, New Ulm, who is mentioned as "cavorting at the third base bag". Year is assumed since Schapekahm did not sail for Europe until August 1918 with the Armistice coming that year. He served with 3rd Army occupation forces at Andernach, Germany after the end of hostilities until fall of 1919 during which time likely the team played games.