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Object ID: 2041 (Click here to view the image in a new window.)
Object Date (YYYYMMDD): 1961
Description: 1960-1961 Brownton basketball team member candids
Org/Loc: Brownton
Org/Entity: High School
Sport: Track and Field
Team Nickname: Bears
Gender: Male
Conf/League: District 12
Original Type: Photo Negative
Group ID:
Other Information: One 120mm negative of Brownton players from 1960-61 season. Includes (______ ) Raiber, Roger Roepke, Lynn Berry, Jim Zaske, Dave Wendlandt. Assumes Don Brand was photographer based on Journal negative file. Originally three negatives of poses. One negative scan archived in 2014 PUNCHED NEGATIVE FOR object 2014 AND THE SECOND FOR THIS OBJECT NUMBER