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Object ID: 2771 (Click here to view the image in a new window.)
Object Date (YYYYMMDD): 1950
Description: 1950 New Ulm Baseball Association amateur Scrap Book by Herb McIvors
Org/Loc: New Ulm
Org/Entity: Mn Amaeur Baseball Organization
Sport: Baseball
Team Nickname: Multiple Teams
Gender: Male
Conf/League: Multiple Entities
Original Type: Scrapbks, Pst Crds
Group ID: N/A
Other Information: Original scrapbooks of New Ulm Baseball Association for year indicated. Includes game by game clippings and box scores for New Ulm Brewers and Millers plus annual statistics and financial information. Includes full season of game results and box scores for Western Minnesota and Tomahawk amateur baseball leagues. Material is is in process of being copied from the deteriorating books and reproduced to 8.5x11 size archival white paper by Herb Schaper and New Ulm Sports Central as NUSC's website object. Cover image is representative of those loaded for individual years.