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Object ID: 4839 (Click here to view the image in a new window.)
Object Date (YYYYMMDD): 20160420
Description: RENU requests include improvement Johnson Park baseball layout
Org/Loc: New Ulm
Org/Entity: Park and Recreation
Sport: Baseball
Team Nickname: Multiple Teams
Gender: N/A
Conf/League: Multiple Entities
Original Type: Various Resources
Group ID:
Other Information: One of a series of articles as the committee to prioritize the requested improvements to be financed by the proposed sales tax extension in New Ulm. Previous and subsequent article relating to the proposal are included with the special code of 4839. Some of articles are independently indexed while others are in object 4842 as an historical assemblage of the publicity surrounding the sales tax vote. The proposal goes beyond the grandstand at the park but includes also work in Mueller Park, the football field, an unused area to be developed into a regional oomplex.