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Object ID: 5122 (Click here to view the image in a new window.)
Object Date (YYYYMMDD): 20170930
Description: 2017 Coach Jim Bauer Named to Wisconsin Coaches BB Hall of Fame
Org/Loc: New Ulm
Org/Entity: MN Valley Lutheran High School
Sport: Basketball
Team Nickname: Chargers
Gender: N/A
Conf/League: Multiple Entities
Original Type: N/A
Group ID: N/A
Other Information: This is a picture of Bauer's final basketball coaching game which was attended by a number of his former players including representatives of the 1987 and 1997 MVL state tournament teams. A detailed eport from Wisconsin State Journal on the selection of James Bauer, 17-year former coach at MVL, to the Wisconsin basketball coaches Hall of Fame is tied to Object 5123 as a PDF. The report is an article appearing Sept. 5 in the Wisconsin State Journal.