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Image # 2131 - 1959 Brownton basketball feature series
Left to right: Ken Abram, coach Bob Robinson, Dick Peik. Includes positive mug size print of Peik in envelope

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Creighton champions 36th Annual UMC Border Battle 2016

Creighton, Nebraska triumphed again in the Upper Midwest Classic, beating out a South Dakota representative Brandon Valley 3-1 in the Sunday afternoon championship game of what turned out to be a "Bor

Schugel MLB Career Update: 35 Games 53 IP, 43 K's

Schugel MLB Career Update: 35 Games 53 IP, 43 K's

Updated as f 7/9/2016: 2016 Season 53 IP, 43 K in 35 games. Current year ERA 3.48. Average pitch speed 92.3 mph.

Maple Grove wins 2016 Junior Upper Midwest Baseball Classic

Maple Grove shelled Wayzata 12-1 Sunday June 26 for the 2016 title

New Ulm falters to 2-2, Lamberton "in" state with 4-0 record.\

Posted Thurs. Aug. 11, 2016
Lamberton stretched its dominance of the Region 2C playoffs to a 4-0 record by beating New Ulm

State tournament bidders all smiles

State tournament bidders all smiles

And the winners are ....

New Ulm to host 20-20 state amateur tournament

ST. CLOUD --- The 2020 Minnesota amateur baseball tournament will return to New Ulm in 2020 with the awarding of the event a meeting here Saturday.

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