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Image # 578 - 2004 New Ulm VFW White Season Summary
Page(s) include team's win-loss record, a game-by-game summary, and annual stats for: Jon Beranek, Tyler Boddy, Mike Bornhoft, Adam Buegler, Brock Burgau, Bradley Clyne, Tony Dick, Danny Hawkins, Brendon Meyer, Danny Otis, Jason Ruenger, Dan Runk, Gabe Rysdahl, Jay Schwarz, and Mark Steinman. Also includes pitching sta... (Click on the image for a full description)

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Identification desired for Courtland bowlers mid 1900's

The attachment color photo is a group of Courtland area men and women bowlers from the mid 1900's.

Was it the Courtland Couples League or the Courtland Mixed League? They bowled at George's.

Sports saved history objects counter passes 4,000

Over 4,000 different objects have now been preserved for New Ulm's sports history on the New Ulm Sports Central website.

Hanska baseball history expands

Historic information and photographic images regarding the baseball lore for Hanska is now quickly building up quite a file on Sports Central.
The information comes

River Region assists Essig in baseball lights progress

River Region assists Essig in baseball lights progress

Caption: General Manager Kevin Subart, left, joined committee member Doug Radloff on the field recently.

River Region supports Essig Ball Park with donation for lights

Objects in sports history presrvations passes 3,500

The total of sports objects which have been indexed and made searchable on the New Ulm Sports Central website has passed 3500 and is heading for 4,000 number.

Four Brewers named to all-state team; Brady leads hitters

JORDAN -- Four of the 2014 Brewers team which finsihed with a 24-5 record were named to the all-tournament team.

They were pitcher Mitch Kelly, Brady Ranweiler, Aaron Pfaff and Garrett Fischer.

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