Sports Central adds over 12,000 images in one project

In a major addition, over 12,000 photographic images (negatives) have been added to the files of New Ulm Sports Central from 1989 and 1990. Half of the additions are sports 35mm negatives. Others are regarding general news featured in the New Ulm Journal in those years.

The 6,544 sports negatives include 1440 for baseball, 1572 for boy's basketball, 1,250 for girl's basketball, 541 for hockey, 309 for softball and the balance of 1,432 for golf, Martin Luther Collge and wrestling.

General news images total 6,880 with 5,536 from 1990. These are filed by date with a description but not yet indexed and are only included as one object ion the total which appears in the upper left hand corner. Many of those also have multiple images. The images noted in the same column are estimated to be only 10% of all those preserved by Sports Central.

Non-sports history is included in the data bases when it is considered important to be preserved and until other arrangement could be made.

Historian Elroy Ubl and boy scout intern Connor Schaper assisted in this special preservation project.