Six outstanding seniors were honored April 4 at the New Ulm Club’s annual city-wide event. The selections represent a large part of the greater New Ulm area served by New Ulm Sports Central. It was the 55th consecutive program and is the longest running community sports honors banquet in Minnesota and possibly in the nation. Receiving awards were:
New Ulm High School --- Kayla Altmann, daughter of Randy and Aimee Altmann of Hanska and Kyle Fischer, son of John and Rose Fischer, rural New Ulm (Hanska).
Cathedral High School --- Katie Larson, daughter of Craig and Kathy Larson, New Ulm and formerly Hanska; and Derek Wilfahrt, son of Gary and Pauline Wilfahrt, Hanska.
Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School --- Amanda Burk, daughter of Dan and Yvette Burk, North Mankato and Bryce Krohn, son Warren and Rachel Krohn, rural Nicollet.
Speaker was Carrie Tollefson of Dawson, a 2004 Olympian and outstanding cross country and track star athlete at Villanova where she earned national honors and impressive achievements.
A summary of achievements of the athletes was included in the banquet report from the Journal issue of April 5. Normally these are provided by the three schools to the New Ulm Club. This New Ulm Sports Central sports website will later post those achievements. The site will soon begin archiving historic sports events of the past and present for 24/7 access from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.