New Ulm High School Football Coach Bob Bute Steps Down

Posted Nov. 22, 2011 New Ulm Journal

NEW ULM - New Ulm football coach Rob Bute resigned from his position after Sunday's team football banquet.

Bute has been New Ulm's head football coach since 2007, taking over for Rick VanRoekel. He will remain on the school's staff as a social studies and history teacher.

He said that he'd like to spend more time with his family and watch his kids participate in both sports and other activities.

"I've talked to my staff about it and I've talked to fellow coaches and Chad [New Ulm Activities Director Chad Eischens] and the big thing is I've been coaching for 21 years now," Bute said. "My daughters are starting to get into their activities a bit in high school and junior high school. When they were younger, I missed a lot of stuff. I kind of feel like I want to have more quality, family time."

Bute's coaching career, both as head coach and as an assistant coach, has lasted 21 years. He says he's not stepping away from coaching entirely and would like to coach football at the younger levels. He's also involved with coaching track and field at New Ulm High School.

Bute had a career record of 13-32 in five seasons.

Bute made his decision at Sunday's New Ulm High School football banquet. Although some were surprised, it didn't come as a complete surprise to those who knew him.

"I knew about it for a month or so," Eischens said. "We have postseason meetings with all of our coaches, and actually before that I knew about it and there was rumors in the community about it and things of that nature. I think most of his coaching staff knew about it a month ago or so too."

As for the vacant spot, Eischens will look for applicants including some current members of Bute's staff that may apply for the job.

"It's kind of an interesting situation with this referendum now," Eischens said. "There are some budgetary things that will have to shake out here and all of that should be wrapped up by the end of April.

"I would anticipate one, maybe two internal candidates, but we are going to open it up to the outside as well and the goal is to get the best possible coach for our program and for our community," Eischens said.

Eischens said Bute was one of the first coaches who he was introduced to when he took over as AD before the school year started.

"He took me in the locker rooms and the storage room and he showed me all of the nooks and crannies and walked me around the facility," Eischens said. "He told me a lot of inside information and talked about the history of some things and why we do certain things.

"On a personal level, he's been very good to me and very helpful in my transition to the job. I've been very appreciative of that."